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A woman hugging her Assistance Dog with a broad smile

Help us make a positive difference! If you have a passion to help Persons with Disabilities and a love for dogs, we need volunteers like you.

As a K9Assistance volunteer, you will learn new skills and experiences while doing vital work that changes the lives of PwDs in Singapore.

Volunteering with us will bring you a strong sense of pride and satisfaction, as you will be part of the first and only organisation that enables PwDs through Assistance Dogs.

Why is your help important

As a young charity, we need all the help we can get to spread the knowledge of Assistance Dogs to all Singaporeans. Help us to promote inclusion and bring in these incredible canine companions to clients on our waitlist!

Our ADvocates

K9 Assistance | A picture of a girl hugging her dog
K9 Assistance | A woman holding her dog
K9 Assistance | A girl hugging a dog
K9 Assistance | A picture of a girl and her dog standing
K9 Assistance | A picture of a girl standing with her dog
Shalom Lim, K9 ADvocate in good spirits, in his wheelchair smiling
I'm honoured to join K9Assistance as their first ADvocate. We believe that ADs have the ability to fully empower the dignity and independent living of PwDs in Singapore.

Careers at K9

A team of workers holding hands to form a chain link

Be part of something greater. With more than 170,000 people with disabilities in Singapore, our waiting list for Assistance Dogs is ever-growing, and the demand for more incredible ADs is higher than ever.

Find out how you can be a part of the K9Assistance team and help us to transform lives.

We currently have 2 job openings:

1. Community Partnerships & Communications Executive

See this opening on myCareersFuture

2. Administrative Executive

See this opening on myCareersFuture
A smiling woman in a pink top holding her dog

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