Assistance Dogs

A cute Assistance Dog
An Assistance Dog with a mobility harness resting on the floor

There are many different types of Assistance Dogs, each trained to support persons with specific disabilities and needs.

K9Assistance focuses on providing 4 kinds of Assistance Dogs: Mobility Assistance, Autism Assistance, Hearing, and Seeing-Eye Dogs.

Assistance Dogs can also help mitigate co-morbid conditions for Persons with Disabilities.

Assistance Dog with a harness walking the handler across a pedestrian crossing

Whilst psychosocial and medical conditions do not constitute a disability in Singapore's context, many persons with disabilities have co-morbidities that compound the effect of their disability. Assistance dogs can ameliorate these co-morbidities and help persons with disabilities live fuller, more confident and contributory lives.

Dog sitting quietly by the owner's feet in a cafe
An Assistance Dog with a mobility harness walking with his handler

How do Assistance Dogs behave in public places?

Apart from their specific training for different functions and duties to mitigate their handler's disabilities, all ADs are rigorously trained in public access.

An AD will behave calmly in public, lie quietly beside the disabled handler without blocking passageways or doorways, and always stay within close range of its disabled handler (unless performing a task that requires distance).

They will not show aggression, urinate or defecate inappropriately, or solicit food or other items from the general public. Additionally, they should also be free from disease or illness, should not have a foul odour and must be neat and clean.

Types of Assistance Dogs

How you can help

If you share our view toward Persons with Disabilities leading fulfilling and dignified lives, support us for the adoption of reasonable adjustments in Singapore for public acceptance of PwDs and their Assistance Dog.

Pledge your business
Waitress arranging utensils on nicely laid out tables in a casual restaurant

The acceptance of Assistance Dogs into the premises of private businesses helps PwDs with ADs integrate into society and live a life of dignity.

By pledging your business, you're saying ‘YES!’ to fostering genuine inclusiveness for PwDs in Singapore.

Make a donation
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Donations help us match life-changing Assistance Dogs to clients on our waitlist and fund our advocacy campaigns.

We are grateful for any donation, it enables us to continue our mission.

Be a K9 Volunteer
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As a young charity, we need all the help we can get.

If you believe in our cause and want to make a difference, volunteer your talents to enhance K9Assistance’s activities and efforts.

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