Assistance Dogs change lives — and they need your help to do it

A picture of Cassandra Chiu standing with her assistance dog Elke at the park

Together we can change lives

K9Assistance is the only organisation in Singapore promoting the acceptance and use of different types of Assistance Dogs.

Together we can create a force for inclusivity, ushering in Singapore's first ever Assistance Dogs beyond Seeing-Eye Dogs.

How you can help

If you share our view toward Persons with Disabilities leading fulfilling and dignified lives, support us for the adoption of reasonable adjustments in Singapore for public acceptance of PwDs and their Assistance Dog.

Pledge your business
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The acceptance of Assistance Dogs into the premises of private businesses helps PwDs with ADs integrate into society and live a life of dignity.

By pledging your business, you're saying ‘YES!’ to fostering genuine inclusiveness for PwDs in Singapore.

Make a donation
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Donations help us match life-changing Assistance Dogs to clients on our waitlist and fund our advocacy campaigns.

We are grateful for any donation, it enables us to continue our mission.

Be a K9 Volunteer
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As a young charity, we need all the help we can get.

If you believe in our cause and want to make a difference, volunteer your talents to enhance K9Assistance’s activities and efforts.

What exactly is an Assistance Dog?

Assistance Dog wearing a mobility harness looking attentive

Assistance Dogs or ADs are not pets, therapy dogs, or emotional support dogs. 

They are highly-trained working dogs that perform a minimum of 3 tasks to mitigate the effects of their handler’s specific disability, allowing the disabled an improved quality of life and independence.

In order to assure and maintain the comfort and safety of PwDs and the general public, stringent behavioural and training standards are equally applied to all Assistance Dogs, across all categories and functions.

Explore all Assistance Dogs
Assistance Dogs don’t just perform vital tasks, they also provide unconditional love and companionship

Success stories @ K9Assistance

Around the world, Assistance Dogs have empowered countless lives. We want to bring this Gift of Dignity to Disabled Singaporeans.

Cassandra Chiu, Psychotherapist
Cassandra Chiu in a patterned dress sitting on the floor with her Assistance Dog
I have benefitted so much from my use of an Assistance Dog. I’ve gained confidence, independence, and dignity. These dogs enable empowerment, social interaction, and integration.

I hope that people with different types of disabilities, besides those of us who are blind, can also benefit from Assistance Dogs.
Dr Dawn-joy Leong giving a TEDx Talk, together with her on stage is her Assistance Dog, Lucy.
Dr Dawn-Joy Leong, Researcher and Multi-art Practitioner
Lucy-like-a-charm contributes to my well-being in ways that no human person, not even myself, is able to do.

She has a respectable position of worth, all of her own, and this is not just because she has been trained by humans to be my Assistance Dog, but because of our symbiotic relationship of deep mutual respect and connection between dog and an autistic person.

About K9Assistance

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K9Assistance Limited is a registered Charity with the Commissioner of Charities.

Our activities centre around Assistance Dogs for Persons with Disabilities in Singapore.

We offer educational talks, consultations, and matching of Assistance Dogs with PwDs from accredited Assistance Dog organisations.

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Video resources

Want to learn more about Assistance Dogs? Watch our Ask Doc series for the lowdown on these cool canine professionals.

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