Cassandra Chiu to assume the role of Executive Director of K9Assistance Limited.

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26 September 2022

The K9Assistance Board of Directors has decided that Cassandra Chiu will step down from her current role as Board Chairman and take on the role of Executive Director of K9Assistance.

Cassandra will commence as Executive Director on 26 September 2022, and remain in the role for the foreseeable future to provide the necessary operational leadership for the fledgling charity. Board Director and Vice-Chairman, Andrew Chew, will be taking on the role of Board Chairman.

The Board sincerely thanks Cassandra for making enormous personal sacrifices to assume the role of Executive Director of K9Assistance. The Board is confident that Cassandra will demonstrate exemplary leadership in guiding the charity to achieve its strategic objective of having Assistance Dogs in Singapore as early as 2024.

The Board also wishes to thank the wider Singaporean community for their continued support and dedication to helping the charity to realise its purpose of promoting the use and acceptance of Assistance Dogs for Persons with Disabilities in Singapore.

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